SEO Keywords for Photographers

And I can make it easy for you so you can start bringing in ideal clients sooner!

SEO doesn't have to be complicated and overwhelming, I can show you how to be on your way to the top of Google in an hour.

Say hello to the first step in getting found on Google - Keyword Research


You have a beautiful website full of gorgeous photos, but your inbox is empty. You’ve spent hours perfecting the design and writing copy to make your ideal client fall in love with you.... but they just can’t seem to find you.

Do you wish you could magically appear in front of clients the moment when they are ready to hire a photographer?

Your dream clients are out there searching for you but they can't find you.

Truth Talk

let's get started!

Figuring out how to properly market your business is HARD!

  • You are tired of cheap clients who don't want to pay "an arm and a leg" for photography
  • Figuring out one more social media platform is going to make you tear your hair out
  • Posting to Instagram feels like talking to an empty room
  • You tried paid ads but feel like you just wasted your money

if this sounds familiar...

Let me know

Plus I doubled and then tripled my sales averages!

I was in your shoes 14 years ago when I started my wedding photography business. I struggled with finding the right clients until I learned about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how to get found on Google.

Then I pivoted my business a few years ago to lifestyle newborn and had to start all over again. I used SEO to fill my calendar and in 18 months I went from 0 bookings to an average of 5 per month.

It all started with finding the right SEO keywords for photographers.

I know how frustrating this is because I’ve been there, too.

Don't put it off any longer!

It all starts with finding the keywords your dream clients are searching for. I can help you do that.

Your all access pass to getting found on Google

Take charge of your website SEO today by figuring out the right keywords for you. This course on SEO Keywords for Photographers will walk you through step by step.

And that’s why I’m so excited to let you in on...  
Keyword Research 101

drumroll please

You can stop spending hours marketing on social media when your website and SEO are sending clients directly to you

work less hours

Knowing that you have a steady stream of inquiries that will turn into bookings. Stop stressing over finding clients they will find you

have confidence

Once you start booking those clients you love and who love you back they refer you to their friends

attract a following

When you book your dream clients who match your vision and style you enjoy your work more

Enjoy your work

Clients from Google are willing to spend more on average than those from social media

increase your sales

Show up in Google results at the exact moment your ideal client is looking to hire someone

Get Booked

Raise Your Ranking So You Get Found on Google

the offer designed to


SEO Keywords for Photographers

  • Step by Step Keyword Research Video Training
  • Magical Keyword Research Spreadsheet
  • Quick Reference PDF

I've made it super easy, open the spreadsheet, start watching the video and I will walk you through finding the right location and genre specific keywords for you.

You'll be able to identify high volume keywords to use on your home page and portfolio pages plus lower volume keywords to use for blogging. Then you'll be able to track your rankings and see your results!

($697 Value)

Keyword Research 101 - SEO Keywords for Photographers

What's Inside Keyword Research 101

hear from more happy clients

alison bell, photographer

I had no idea what I was doing but her audit and adjustments, some major, some minor, rocketed me to the first page in a matter of weeks!

"I thought I knew what I was doing"

Molly katherine

She's so knowledgeable and actually taught me how to manage this aspect of my business in a way I could understand! 🙏

"I wish I had found Melissa sooner."

LRG Portraits

Melissa is hands down one of the best things I have done for my photography business.  Highly recommend as a photographer, mentor and for SEO work!

"Melissa is an SEO magician."

Our Clients Are Raving About Us


Once you’ve completed your training and you have your keywords identified, share your finished spreadsheet with me and I’ll weigh in on what keywords you’ve chosen and where they should go.

Bonus #1  Keyword Review by Melissa

In Addition to the SEO Keywords for Photographers course, You'll Also Receive...



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Go From Invisible to Booking Ideal Clients on Google


Keyword Research 101

SEO Keywords for Photographers

Here's what you'll be missing out on if you don't tackle your SEO asap.

Clients who are looking to hire right now. Ideal clients who aren't looking for the cheapest option around. 

When you start getting found on Google you get more inquiries which leads to more bookings which leads to being able to raise your prices.

Still thinking about it?

Here's the deal...

xo, Melissa

You no longer are operating from a place of fear and panic about where your next booking will come from.  

You can approach business decisions like changing your pricing with confidence. Many of my past clients, myself included have increased our pricing!

I want photographers to run profitable businesses but that means they need bookings. To get those bookings you need to get found by clients and clients are searching Google for photographers right now. So show up where they are searching! 

When you have a steady stream of inquiries it changes your business.

Here’s why this is so important to me...

  • High level overview of video to refer back to
  • Easy access to links for all my tools 


  • Easy to use Spreadsheet
  • Auto Populating 
  • Tabbed out Steps
  • Filled with magical unicorn dust (just kidding)


  • Step-by-step Keyword Research Demonstration 
  • Keyword Research Tools and Trackers
  • Training to review and interpret your results to find the BEST keywords for you

Enroll in Keywords Research 101 today and you'll get instant access to:

SEO Keywords for Photographers

You start creating the business you dreamed of! The one that provides income for your family while letting you do exactly what you love.

Let's find the best keywords for your business, shall we?

How will your life change when you book ideal clients?

one more thing

SEO Keywords for Photographers