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Say goodbye to boring session shares that do nothing for your SEO and hello to posts your clients actually want to read and Google wants to rank! 

We make blogging easy for photographers.

  • You struggle with finding the right topics to blog about

  • You’ve written some posts but you aren't sure they are getting found on Google

  • You are tired of wasting time trying to figure it all out yourself

“I don't know what to write”

I totally get it—blogging can be tough. You are tired of boring session shares but you don’t know what to write instead. So it’s just you and that blinking cursor in a standoff. Sounds about right?

psst....blogging can make all your other marketing efforts go so much easier!

join the club

I'm here to make this whole blogging thing simpler, easier, and way more helpful!

Turn up the volume on blog posts that actually work!

Improve your seo

See results

connect with clients

Watch your rankings improve and your inbox fill with new clients.

Create posts future clients actually want to read and will be helpful to them.

The right blog posts will skyrocket your traffic and get more eyes on your work. 

This is all possible. And it’s why I created........


Each month we aim to surprise and delight you with bonuses to help your SEO grow. 
(Value $999+)

fun bonuses

Supercharge your posts by joining our circle and get backlinks from others plus traffic and comments. 
(Value $20)

blog circle to boost your posts

A private place to connect with others, bounce ideas off of and get feedback on your posts. Plus find places to guest post!
(Value $50)

community facebook group to connect

On the 3rd Thursday of the month we get to hang out for 1 hour and I will answer all your blogging & SEO questions! You can submit q's in advance if you can't make it live. 
(Value $400)

monthly Q&A with melissa

A 15 min mini masterclass video training each month on the latest SEO tips and tricks.
(Value $100)

SEO masterclass training videos

2 blog post outlines each month. Plus a video walkthrough for each one so you can customize it to your audience. Stay for a year and that's 24 blog posts bringing you new traffic!
(Value $100)

Blog Post Outlines

A monthly membership where I take you from baby blogger to BOSS blogger so you can supercharge your website rankings and get in front of your ideal client!


the blogging club

How it Works

Step One

Watch the videos

easy button your marketing

Step Three
Step Two

use the outlines

Not only will you be writing posts Google will love but now you'll have content for social media, email newsletter, Pinterest marketing and more!

These outlines will guide you through exactly what to write, you just need to write to your DREAM client.

join the club

Watch the demo video for each blog post and get ideas of how you can use each post in your particular business. 

join the club

Can I be honest with you?

I got into photography over 15 years ago because I wanted to leave my IT job and wear jeans to work everyday! And I figured out how to use blogging and SEO to book my photography calendar with dream clients.

I've changed genres, moved states 2x and rebuilt my SEO each time to be at the top of Google for keywords my clients are actually searching for.

But then I started to notice that other photographers were struggling to understand how to use SEO to find clients.

So I went all in and started teaching photographers how they too could get found on Google by their ideal clients.

3 years later, we have helped over 100 photographers raise their rankings and book their calendars.

And now? I want the same for you.

That’s why I created The Blogging Club. A membership to help you tackle your SEO and feel confident doing it.

Let’s do this, friend!


Hello There!


2 months free

Full Year


cancel anytime

monthly payment

Blogging doesn't have to be a chore, let me make it easy for you!

Its time to join the club

Payment Options include Buy Now Pay Later through Klarna, Paypal Credit, Affirm & Afterpay.

You want to move your business forward and you know that SEO can help you do that. 
You need a quick fix in your business to get clients. SEO takes time, the work you do now pays off in months and years not days and weeks. 
You don't know what to write to attract your ideal client.
You understand blogging is important but you just don't have the time to do it yourself.
You are ready to set aside 1 hour a week and do the work to get your blog posts done.
Financially this will put your business in a bad spot. I never want to sell you a product or service that will take your last dollar.

the blogging club ISn't FOR YOU IF:

You are tired of writing blog posts that aren't doing anything for you.
You want a cut and paste solution for blogging. We can't offer that without Google penalizing you.

the blogging club is for you if:

Let's make sure this is a right fit for you....

Cancel anytime! This is a monthly service, you can try it out and if it's not working for you please feel free to cancel. You will keep access until the end of the current month.

All Q&A calls are recorded so you can watch them when you have time. Plus you can always submit your question to be answered even if you aren't going to be there.

Q: What if I can’t make the Q&A calls?


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely YES you should! SEO takes time to bake in and being new means your hill to climb is a lot higher. Start now and future you will thank you.

Q: I'm a newer photographer, should I worry about seo yet?

You'll get added to our membership portal where you will be able to access all the templates and trainings in one spot. Like Netflix for SEO!

Q: What happens after I sign up?

Yes! Instead of wondering what to write I break it down into smaller bites and walk you through what needs to go in each area. It's like I'm holding your hand the whole time! 

If you have already worked with us on your blogging and are feeling confident being able to tackle the topics we've given you then you can probably skip TBC. 

But if you want us to tell you what to blog each month and what to write in those blog posts to make it super easy for you then you'll love the club! 

Imagine you know how to cook and you've taken classes to up your skillz. Does that mean you'd never order a Blue Apron box? Heck no, they deliver all the ingredients right to you along with directions. So you can skip the planning and shopping and jump right into what you love, the cooking! 

That is The Blogging Club, you can skip the planning and cut your writing time in half!

Q: I really struggle with writing, will this help with that?

Q: What if I've already done The blogging Blueprint, Group SEO Coaching or your DFY Service, do I still need this?

you a'd my Q! I'm ready to join!

Say hello to The Blogging Club!

Say goodbye to wasting time

You will save so much TIME!!! Seriously I've been there, spending 45 min trying to figure out what to write for a blog post only to delete the only 2 sentences I actually wrote and walk away feeling like I just wasted my time.

Instead let us deliver exactly what you need to write each month. Then let us show you how to make your marketing easy by repurposing your blog post to save you time!

Are you ready?

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