do you know if your website seo is right?

Are you on the right track?

Sometimes you just want an expert to look over your shoulder and let you know if you missed anything right?!?! 

Be sure your website has everything google is looking for to rank!

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Let us take a look at your website from an SEO perspective and tell you what you are doing right and what could be improved to better rank on Google. 

Website SEO Audit

What steps can you take to improve your rankings?

How is your page speed and loading time?

Are you over using your keywords? 

Do you have enough content on your pages?

Are your page titles and meta descriptions correct?

Homepage Keyword, is it concise and does it have search volume?

Here's What We Will Cover

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In your video audit Melissa will review your Homepage, portfolio pages and at least 1 blog post. She will look at all aspects of on-page SEO and let you know what needs to be fixed. You will walk away with a solid game plan on what you need to tackle to fix your website SEO. 

michelle q.

"Melissa really knows her stuff when it comes to SEO and she's an amazing teacher. I learned so much from her and I'm confident that anyone who takes her course will as well."

stephanie H.

"Working with Melissa has been a truly wonderful experience. She's very easy going and always willing to answer questions (even after completing her program). She genuinely cares about the success of her clients. Would highly recommend her services!"

courtney c.

"I 100% recommend Melissa for all things SEO! She is my go-to for information on things that I don't understand and I absolutely think investing in her services is worth it. "

jessica H.

"Melissa has worked with me on my SEO for years now and is truly incredible at what she does! After all of our hard work, the majority of the inquiries I receive come from Google and that would not be possible without Melissa and her incredible expertise!"


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I have been using SEO for over 14 years now to book my photography calendar with dream clients. I've changed genres, moved states and rebuilt my SEO each time to be at the top of Google for keywords my clients are actually searching for. Now I help others do the same! 

I'm a Former IT Nerd Turned Photographer Obsessed with SEO 


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